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Description: The celebwhore video below features twenty cases of actresses who made their debut in films with quite memorable nude scenes. №20 Angelina Jolie – “Cyborg 2” A very young Angelina shows off her boobs as she takes a ride in a bed. №19 Jessica Chastain – “Jolene” Fabulous firecrotch Jessica is the tit-ular temptress in this movie. №18 Penélope Cruz – “Jamón, jamón” Expect a dash of farce, a pinch of drama and several squeezes of pants-off passion. №17 Elizabeth Hurley – “Aria” We see naked high notes, bare bottom registers, and even some diva beava! Bet you never knew you were so cultured. №16 Jaime Pressly – “Poison Ivy 3” Blonde Jaime was the most poisonous and naked actress in the film than other famous actresses in other parts №15 Emma Stone – “The Favourite” Thank you, Emma, for sharing your stone. Hopefully next time we can see the pair. №14 Melissa Benoist – “Homeland” She had great guest spots on the TV shows, but we’re more interested in her 2011 nude debut on “Homeland.” №13 Alyssa Milano – “Embrace of the Vampire” Lesbians, orgies, and bloodsucking punctuate her pursuit of the prong, so you’ll unquestionably want to Embrace this straight-to-video classic. №12 Jessica Biel – “Powder Blue” We do finally get to see the Biel tits and the Biel butt as she makes out with a naked guy and pours candle wax on her bare tits. You’ll be getting some whacks in yourself! №11 Kate Mara – “My Days of Mercy” Kate and Ellen both showing off their beautiful boobies for several minutes! Something tells us that you’re going to enjoy My Days of Mercy both day and night! №10 Heather Graham – “Boogie Nights” Heather shows an incredible full-frontal shot and made other hot scenes in this film. №9 Emilia Clarke – “Game of Thrones” This beauty is most known as Daenerys Targaryen on the famous HBO fantasy series, where she bares tits, butt and golden fleece on the very first episode. №8 Jennifer Connelly – “The Hot Spot” Jennifer first shows her butt from afar while sunbathing with Debra Cole, then offers up the best-ever look at her perfect boobs ever to be caught on film. №7 Elizabeth Olsen – “Oldboy” Oldboy won’t leave you cold, boy! №6 Eva Green – “The Dreamers” When the alluring Isabelle (Eva Green) demonstrates that no sexcapades shall be forbidden, this flesh-packed flick becomes one of the steamiest wet dreams in the Nudogram history. №5 Anne Hathaway – “Havoc” Anne’ll get your shaft a-shiftin’ when she breaks her boobs out of her bra. №4 Scarlett Johansson – “Under the Skin” Scarlett goes the full monty as a libidinous alien killing horny guys in the Scottish countryside, and she goes nude three times, including a full frontal (and back-al) scene that currently ranks as our number one nude scene of all time! №3 Jennifer Lawrence – “Red Sparrow” Jennifer Lawrence on going nude for the first time after The Fappening! №2 Margot Robbie – “The Wolf of Wall Street” Margot Robbie and Katarina Cas will have your Dow Jones rising when they both bare boobs and give a full frontal view of their sweet sectors. These are amazing nude debuts for both ladies! The chicks of The Wolf of Wall Street will have you diversifying your load! №1 Alexandra Daddario – “True Detective” Alexandra finally gave up the goods in a big way, showing boobs, butt, and bush in the HBO mystery drama!