Teacher Thestaciakelly Nude Stacia Kelly

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Description: Reynolds Middle School teacher Stacia Kelly well known by Thestaciakelly resigns after her private profile account got discovered by students and parents. Imstaciakelly nudes and other contents were share all over social media. A Reynolds Middle School teacher and cheer coach named Stacey Kurth resigned from her role for unknown reasons, but a few people in the community suggest that it was because of her outside school activities. Kurth posts explicit photos and videos on her Instagram account that are public for everyone to see, including her students. She has over 80,000 followers on the platform and also has an private profile account as well. The former Reynolds Middle School cheer coach got removed from the school’s staff directory. Prosper Independent School District allegedly sent an email out to parents that said: “Unfortunately, I need to inform you that Mrs. Kurth has resigned from her position as a math teacher at Reynolds Middle School and Prosper ISD, effective immediately. We are actively interviewing for this position and hope to have her permanent replacement soon.” The Stacey Kurth situation isn’t the private profile problem Prosper Independent School District had this year. Last month, the school board President Drew Wilborn was arrested for Indecency with a Child by sexual contact.